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The modern, global corporate landscape demands a modern, global hiring approach

By Chad Biagini

Globalization and modernization lead to major talent shortages. My industry is a perfect example. In the last five years, the sports business has changed drastically. Teams once fully relied on national broadcasters and local media outlets to tell their stories — now they find it essential to communicate directly with supporters via digital and social media. These expanded consumption methods combined with the lowered cost of video production invite new entrants such as drone racing and esports to challenge the establishment. Concurrently, international clubs target new markets to widen their supporter bases. Juventus and Real Madrid, among others, competed in the United States and China this past year, with the goal of both captivating current and creating new fans. Meanwhile, MLB teams will head to Mexico and Puerto Rico this upcoming season, and the NFL has hosted its London Games since 2007.

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